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About Flitch

Pleased to meet you. This is what makes us tick.

Our Story

Flitch Creative was founded in 2008 with a goal to improve the graphic design landscape in St. George, Utah. The two founders came from a print design background but wanted to do more. They wanted to offer a complete branding experience.

With a small bank loan and a precious few clients Flitch Creative was formed and the world would never be the same again... Ok, so they didn’t change the world, but they have since helped hundreds of individuals achieve their dreams of building their businesses.

Flitch Creative has now grown to serve clients all over the United States. We’ve made lots of friends over the years and love taking on the design challenges they continually present us with.

Our Approach

Flitch Creative provides graphic design services in three main categories which are branding, digital and print. Our focus is to help create and maintain your Brand DNA across all forms of media.

We believe great design can shape the way people feel about a company or product. It can help to sell products and services. It can be the ultimate determining factor for consumer purchase decisions.

We don’t just create graphic designs, we tell stories through design. In order to do this we first gather as much information as possible about your business and products as well as consumer interests. This foundation of information is used by our designers to then visually convey your core message to the consumer. This approach to design is part of what makes Flitch Creative different than other graphic design agencies.

We are just like many of you. When we buy products or services we expect to get great value. This is what we feel we can give you if you choose us for your next design project.