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The DNA of a brand’s visual identity is comprised of 5 main strands.

Brand DNA Strand

1. Compelling Logo Design

A logo is the most important part of your visual brand DNA. It is the keystone that holds the other elements together. When considering your budget for branding, be sure to keep in mind that it is the most essential part of your visual identity. It will be on all of your marketing materials and help to convey the message you want others to receive. A business without a logo cannot make an impact on it’s target audience.

2. Color

It is vitally important that the colors for your brand speak to the consumer you are trying to reach. For example, you might consider earth tones for an organic foods company or product. Color also plays a big part in brand differentiation. Think Coke = red, Pepsi = blue. Colors also mean different things to different cultures in the world. Choosing the appropriate color is important to your message.

3. Typography

Typography represents the style and appearance of fonts or any lettering that appears in your visual branding and identity. The right font choices will positively affect your message. A font can portray playfulness, seriousness, strength, whimsy and all other kinds of emotions. For example, you probably wouldn’t want to use a strong font like Impact for a company that sells baby toys. Don’t overlook the value of a good font and style guide.

4. Consistent Visual Style

You want to make sure your brand message stays the same no matter where it appears. You should take care that the design of your website says the same thing as your business card or a magazine ad. For example, if an outdoor outfitter decides to do a rugged style for their brand, they have to make sure it is expressed in all visual elements. It is very helpful to have a visual guide created for reference.

5. Brand Name

While not an obvious strand of brand DNA it is an important one. You see, even the best designer in the world can’t build a great visual identity from a terrible name. It not only needs to sound right and be easy to pronounce, but it needs to look good as well. Examples of mistakes include really long names or names that have words that, when combined, form inappropriate words, ie ChildrensExchange.